Fédération de Vo Co Truyen Vietnam de France.

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Master Antoine Le Conte Vinh Long

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In Haiphong (North Vietnam), where he was born in 1940, Master Antoine Le Conte Vinh Long practiced the Vietnamese Martial Arts from nomadic « Masters », on the ground or on the cemented floors of the pagodas.

He went to France at the age of 16 in order to study electronic engineering. He still practiced with Masters Murakai and Kase, before he met Great Master Nguyên Trung Hoà.

Apart from his work, his own practice and his passions for cooking, painting and photography, Master Vinh Long continuously and voluntarily worked to develop Martial Arts. To contribute and to achieve this goal, he worked during 30 years for the general management of the FFVVD and of the FFKDA. Besides, he organized the first Vietnamese Art Martial European Cup in 1996. He also took part with his blind woman student in the Bercy Show in 1995.

The year 1995 was a more important turning point, because he became closer to his native country, he gave his unfailing support to the Vo Co Truyên Vietnam movement, to the LDVCTVN and to the Hông Bang university. The Lien Doan Vo Co Truyen Viet Nam thanked him with the title of Great Master.

The Master has always stood upantoine_leconte for a voluntary and familial spirit. He doesn’t like to be taken as a serious man and he often jokes about his small size. He often says “ The best way to beat an enemy is to change him into a friend “, “ The grass is always greener somewhere else “, “ Every new thing is beautiful “, “ Cemeteries are populated by essential people”, “ Defeat is the mother of the success”,  “ The biggest is the one who builds big things without gaining fame and fortune from it”.

He is now cultivating towards his followers steadfastness, determination, creativeness, humility, pride, kindness, responsibility, team spirit and the human sense. He is a faithful and unselfish friend.


Translated by Evelyne Vallée

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