Fédération de Vo Co Truyen Vietnam de France.

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The Hoà Long Võ Đạo presentation

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Hoa Long Vo Dao


At the same time, he founded his own school in 1975. He gave it the name of Hoà Long some years later, in the memory of Master Nguyên Trung Hoà and to emphasize the origin of the dragon and of the fairy of the people.

Master Vinh Long has particularly developped the fight side, in terms of tactics, strategy and training. The use of knives, self-defense, the duong sinh and the teaching skills for children can be found among all other specificities. A very important place is granted to the respiratory, energy and philosophical exercises. The nôi cong program and reflexology are taught to the initiates.

The style is flowing and moving. It implements the main principles: The harmony between strength and suppleness, the negative and the positive, the superiority of the quick and fluid techniques against strength.

The school program consists in 118 technical combining to get the black belt 1st Dan. Besides, the members have to know 36 special techniques such as self-defense, projections, sweepings, scissors, and combats on the ground.

The basic program is composed of 14 bare-knuckle quyên and 12 quyên with arms.

The arms are used from the first year. The traditional arms used are: the long stick (bong), the nunchaku (long gian), the fan (quat), the sword (kiem), the sabre (dao), the tristick (tam thiet gian), the knife (dao gam) and many others such as the umbrella.


Translated by Evelyne Vallée

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